Poker Limits at 32Red Poker

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Poker Limits at 32Red Poker

The different types of Poker at 32Red Poker...

No Limit | Fixed Limit | Pot Limit | Which one's for you?

No Limit...

No Limit is exactly what it says - there are no limits on the size of bets that can be made. The small blind and big blind are the same as in all Hold'em games at 32Red, with the blind amount set by the table. But after that, it's a free-for-all. Players can bet or raise as much as they want - the only limit is the number of chips they have at the table. Once a player has put all their chips into the pot, they are considered 'all-in'.

No Limit poker can be a bit intimidating at first, as you can find yourself facing big bets on a regular basis. You might also find a lot of bluffing going on at No Limit tables, where confident players with weak hands try to scare off other players with daunting bets.

Fixed Limit...

The bets at Fixed Limit tables are limited in relation to the size of the blinds. Betting is capped to one bet and three raises per player at the specified limit in each round of betting, except for the betting after the River when limits are doubled.

Fixed Limit is probably the best way to ease yourself into online poker play at the 32Red Poker Room. You don't have to worry too much about how much to bet or raise. Although the chances are the pot you win won't be really big, in the same way the hands you lose shouldn't cost you too much either. Also it's a lot harder to bluff in Fixed Limit, as it doesn't cost too much for an opponent to call, and play here requires more control. It also makes it easier to calculate your chances of winning (card odds) against the cost of calling (pot odds), as it is easier to work out how much will be in the pot.

Click here for more information on card and pot odds in our Poker School.

Pot Limit...

Bets in Pot Limit are restricted to the number of chips that have already been placed in the pot. This means that bets are fairly restricted at the start of the hand, like Fixed Limit, but more in keeping with No Limit, you can see some quite big pots towards the end of the betting rounds. There are no caps on the number of bets or raises per betting round, which can be good if you want to bet but you don't want to go all in before you see all of your cards. Bluffing is quite difficult to do at the start, but big bets can have the potential to scare off some players at the end.

Which one's for you?

It all depends on your style of play. If you're an aggressive player who isn't afraid to try the odd bluff, then No Limit offers you the potential to win some big pots. Success at a No Limit table is often dependent on how well you can 'read' your opponents - do you know when they are bluffing or not? No Limit is the most common type of table in the 32Red Poker Room, and many of the multi-table tournaments are No Limit, so it's a good idea to have some practice at No Limit tables if you want to take part in these.

Fixed Limit is probably the best type for those new to poker, and those who like the tame, controlled play at Fixed Limit tables. Fixed Limit is particularly good for ring games where less pressure is put on the bankroll, as you can't blow it all on one hand. Fixed Limit is less about knowing your opponent's style (although you should always keep note of how they bet when they land a good hand), but more about judging the pot odds versus the card odds to calculate whether a hand is worth playing (see above).

Pot Limit is somewhere in between the other two in terms of style of play. It requires the control of Fixed Limit at the start and the fearlessness of No Limit at the end of the hand, and it can be an exciting but complicated game combining different styles of play.

Whichever type of game you choose, you will be able to find a table to suit your preferred style and limit at the 32Red Poker Room.

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