How to play pocket rockets

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How to play pocket rockets

Being dealt Ace-Ace as your hole cards in Texas Hold'em should bring a smile to your face (it's ok, no one can see you online at 32Red Poker Room!). But stop to think about your immediate reaction about how to play them - is your first thought to go all-in?

If it were, you certainly wouldn't be the only one to think that. In certain situations, such as towards the end of a tournament where the blinds are huge, it can be the right tactic. But more often, the best way to make the pot as profitable as possible is to take your time.

Going all-in before the flop, particularly in an early position, will often do little more than scare others off before you have a chance to get their chips into the pot. By all means, raise pre-flop. You want the other players to call you to start building up the pot. If you raise pre-flop from an early position, the only hands that should call you are KK, QQ, AK, or possibly JJ or AQ (unless you're sat at the table with a calling station). This kind of knowledge can help post-flop when you're faced with the next round of betting. As hard as it may seem, faced with a flop of KK7, for example, the sensible action would be to lay down your Aces if an opponent bets.

In a later position, it is undoubtedly time to raise. If there have been early callers or small raisers, a re-raise may help reduce the number of players seeing the pot, and therefore increase your chances if winning. Having the Bullets in your pocket is not as easy as it seems - it's a fine balance between getting as much as much in the pot as you can, but with as few opponents as possible - you don't want to give them the chance to hit their hands.

To win big with Pocket Aces, you have to be prepared to play poker, rather than take the easy option of going all-in. You have to be prepared for those unlucky turns that come everyone's way once in a while, but by playing craftily, you can earn yourself a lot more chips when you get dealt the best starting hand in Texas Hold'em.


These tips/guidelines are intended to help you enjoy poker and improve your chances of winning. However, the above should not be regarded as advice and 32Red disclaims any liability or responsibility for the accuracy thereof or for any losses incurred by players following these guidelines.

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